Journal makes move to online-only presence

March 5, 2012

To keep the AOA at the forefront of changes in media and to meet the needs of an evolving membership base, the AOA announced that beginning this month Optometry: Journal of the AOA will be available online-only.

Manuscripts now in review will be published online and linked from the AOA’s main page (www.aoa.org).

The January 2012 issue will be the last one printed and mailed to members.

The AOA will continue to highlight the profession’s scholarship and interest in evidence-based care through Optometric Clinical Practice Guidelines, the online education portal EyeLearn™ and expanded AOA News coverage of clinical issues.

The AOA’s e-publishing presence continues to grow with the daily AOA First Look, AOA News online and the NewsfromAOA.org blog.

AOA News will plan to incorporate practice management and clinical information, bringing members clinically relevant information quickly and cost-effectively.

“This decision was a difficult one for the AOA Board to make,” wrote AOA President Dori Carlson, O.D., in a letter to journal readers. “However, by freeing resources and offering the opportunity for new member benefits, we believe it is the right decision. We look forward to introducing new communications channels and keeping in touch with you whether through print publications, e-publications, AOAConnect, e-mail messages or at a meeting.”

One comment

  1. Despite denials, AOA’s resources have obviously been depleted by poor Board decisions and loss of membership. As a result, AOA members will be losing the benefits of a prominent refereed journal which in the past has been used to refute many attacks against our profession and to provide excellent clinical information to ours and other professions. The Optometric Clinical Practice Guidelines are not an adequate substitute nor were they designed to be one.

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