Shamir introduces overhaul of site

February 17, 2012

Shamir announces the launch of its all-new Web site, which went live in November. The completely revamped site was updated with a whole new look and layout to ensure information is easier to locate and access.

Shamir’s new Web site has been designed to match its branding and for easy navigation. Product information is easily available to locate for patients, eye care professionals and labs, by now being located in one central location.

The site contains background information about the company and features an events calendar.

In its ongoing effort to educate both doctors and consumers, Shamir provides a Vision 101 section and optical glossary on the new site. It includes a comprehensive selection of optical information from the basics of How Eyes Work to the Eyes Over 40 section, which explains presbyopia and the eventual need for progressive lenses. It also includes a section on How to Choose Your Lenses and How Lenses are Made, so virtually any questions regarding vision or progressive lenses can be answered through the site.

Visitors can download press releases, videos and images through the new media section. There is also a search area, where patients can locate eye care professionals in their area, and eye care professionals can search for labs in their area.

Shamir’s ECP Search feature also indicates whether a practice has been through Shamir’s Freeform® Certification Program to learn about the benefits of Freeform® lenses.

“The new site is truly extensive – we have designed it to fulfill the needs of anyone searching for optical information. The new Web site helps labs, doctors and even patients easily find all the information they need regarding the most advanced technological lens solutions available to the marketplace. We are continually looking for ways we can improve the information available to the market and we are proud to have accomplished this goal with the launch of this new Web site,” said Matt Lytle, vice president of sales and marketing.

The site URL remains the same and interested parties can explore the new site by visiting www.shamirlens.com. For more information or questions regarding Shamir’s Web site, contact Shamir’s Sales and Client Services department at 877-514-8330.

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