Paraoptometric Section introduces Freeform course

February 16, 2012

As lens designs and the manufacturing processes improve, keeping up with the latest technologies can be daunting. Although freeform technology has been out for some time, evaluating the options on the market today can be confusing. The AOA Paraoptometric Section’s newest education module, Introduction to Freeform®, is designed to outline elements in lens design and manufacture, as well as review the fitting and verification techniques, and how to best position and present designs to personalize patient’s visual needs.

As paraoptometric staff proceed through this education module, they will be better equipped to explain what Freeform technology is, identify necessary measurements, present the Freeform option to appropriate patients, and verify the lenses.

Introduction to Freeform® has been developed through an education grant from Shamir to educate paraoptometrics on this technology.

The CD-ROM is designed in an easy-to-use, automated, audio PowerPoint format guiding paraoptometric staff through this education module.

Running time is approximately one hour and allows unlimited access to learning from home or the office. 

Introduction to Freeform® is just one of 10 education modules available on various topics. 

These modules are $45 each for members, $50 for AOA OD members, and $70 each for non-members and include an option to test for continuing education credits for a minimum processing fee. 

Successful completion of the test is worth one credit hour. 

To order a copy for your office, download an order form at http://www.aoa.org/documents/paraoptometric/Product-Guide-and-Order-Form.pdf.

Orders can also be made by calling 800-365-2219, ext. 4108.

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