Haine joins EMRlogic

February 16, 2012

EMRlogic Systems announced the addition of Charles L. Haine, O.D., to its team of subject matter experts. Haine retired recently from an eminent academic career, the last chapter of which was his role as associate dean of Clinical Affairs and Professor of Optometry at the College of Optometry, Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, Calif.

Dr. Haine now joins EMRlogic as director of Connected Care, working primarily in conjunction with James E. Grue, O.D., vice president of Clinical Outcomes and Connected Care.

“We were delighted with Dr. Haine’s interest in working with us,” said Alistair Jackson, EMRlogic VP Marketing & Business Development. “Chuck had worked extensively with our team in overseeing the implementation of activEHR™ at Western. As one of the early adopters of our new EHRs, he knew the challenges of this revolutionary approach but also saw its potential to make a significant difference for the eye care profession.”

“There’s no question in my mind that EMRlogic is setting a whole new bar for eye care EHRs with activEHR™ Charts,” continued Haine. “The knowledgebase approach is different from anything else I’ve seen in our industry. I believe in this product and I want to be part of the effort that brings it to the marketplace in a big way, particularly among our academic institutions.”

Over the past five years, EMRlogic has developed a knowledgebase-driven approach to EHRs, one that surpasses traditional droplist-driven EMRs.

“We believe that health care reform and pay-for-performance reimbursement are driving new standards of care altogether and that advanced modern software technologies must replace legacy approaches,” remarked Jackson. “What we’ve done with activEHR™ Charts is revolutionary for eye care. Dr. Haine will help us establish it as a must-see solution for institutions and businesses seeking to be the eye care leaders in their respective fields and regions.”

One comment

  1. Dr Haine’s background and experience are a great fit for the team building the post fill in the blanks legacy systems. activEHR is built on todays technology. Dr Haine is adding a great deal to the already extensive Knowledge Base, that set this EHR apart.

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