Ophthalmic Resources on Demand makes meaningful use of patient education

February 13, 2012

Numerous studies have shown the link between engaged, actively educated patients and better health outcomes.  It is clear that engaged patients are more likely to adhere to medications, keep appointments, and take an active role in their care.  Offering patients educational resources and things like product coupons directly increases their satisfaction, which is also good for your business.  As an optometrist accountable for both the results of the patient and your practice, what can you do to provide meaningful education and support that drives positive results?

One thing you can easily do is to use the free AOA Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand tool to quickly reference pharmaceutical product information and access patient education as part of your daily work flow.  This tool allows you to search by product, manufacturer, or disease state to find relevant resources to find what you want.  Resources can be immediately viewed, printed or emailed right from your computer, mobile phone, or iPad. 

The following two scenarios demonstrate meaningful use of your AOA Member Advantage benefit – free access to Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand, which includes resources for most commercially available pharmaceutical products.

Scenario 1: Medication Adherence

You diagnosed a patient with glaucoma, explain the disease state and mention the medication you prescribed.  The patient asks, “How does that drug work?” You then point to your laptop computer while you access Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand from the home page of the AOA Web site. You then show the patient an explanatory video and digital brochure that supports how the medication works and why it is important to take it daily as directed. The patient asks, “Can I get a copy of that?”  ”Absolutely,” you say, “What is your email address?” You then submit their email and the material you just viewed with them has now been emailed to the patient within a fully HIPAA compliant system. The next time this patient visits, she says she reviewed the video again at home, showed her daughter and printed the brochure. She is a compliant patient that adheres to her treatment plan. This patient experience and positive adherence outcome was supported by integrating AOA Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand into your daily work flow.

Scenario 2: Patient Satisfaction = Practice Growth

The same patient returns for another follow-up visit. As you renew her prescription, she asks for a coupon. You quickly access a coupon from Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand. This patient is so satisfied with your care and level of service, that she refers a friend. Weeks later, your patient’s friend shows up for his first visit to your office. After seeing him, your office staff uses Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand to find him a patient assistance program that helps pay for his medication.

You can see how your practice and the patient can derive meaningful benefits from the free AOA Ophthalmic Resources On-Demand service.  Try it out from the AOA Web site or enter www.AOA.org/OROD into your browser.

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