EyeBase Smartware EHR system awarded ONC certification

February 9, 2012

The EyeBase Smartware electronic health records (EHR) program was developed by Stroudsburg, Pa.-based Mountain Computer Systems (MCS) to meet the demands of the practicing optometrist – including the demand for an EHR that is easy to implement and maintain, according to company president Anthony (Tony) Diecidue, O.D.

Headquartered in the Pocono Mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, Dr. Diecidue has been developing and marketing eye and vision care software since 1989, shortly after he graduated from the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and discovered there were few commercially available software systems designed specifically for optometrists.

Developed to function as a fully integrated solution, EyeBase was certified in September as a complete EHR appropriate for use in the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services’ (HHS) Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) incentive programs.

An iPad version of the EyeBase program is due for release shortly, Dr. Diecidue said. A Web-based version is also scheduled for release in 2012.

Although it is a “locally based” software program, installed on the office computer, EyeBase is as easy to implement in a practice as a Web-based system, Dr. Diecidue said.

MCS technicians download EyeBase to the office computers via the Internet, making any necessary adjustments and activating functions.

Technical support and training is then provided online or by phone.

After the system is in use, software updates and correction of any technical issues are handled by the MCS staff via the Internet.

With 150 client practices around the U.S., plus one in Canada and one in Europe, MCS remains one of the smaller optometric software houses.

However, that makes it easier to provide personalized service, Dr. Diecidue said.

“Very often, when (optometric software) customers call, they get me personally,” said Dr. Diecidue, who operates the company assisted by a team of software designers and support staff. “I still answers calls between patients. And most of the time, when a customer has a problem, it is not just addressed but resolved the same day.”

One of the first optometric office management systems for Windows, EyeBase provides a simple, graphical interface with intuitive data entry utilizing drop-downs and automatic fill-in boxes, Dr. Diecidue said.

It uses a Microsoft Access database, but is completely autonomous.

Users need not purchase any additional software.

Medical prescriptions can be sent directly through EyeBase using the AllScripts e-prescribing network.

EyeBase can be installed on as many as 256 computers on a practice network at a single location.

There is no “per-user” or “per-seat” fee.

However, a separate license must be purchased for multiple office locations.

Broadband Internet access and at least 15-inch LCD monitors are required.

Like most EHR providers, MCS charges clients a one-time initiation fee. 

However, instead of an annual fee for updates, EyeBase assesses clients a monthly “lease” fee covering all necessary services.

The monthly fee is “easier on the pocketbook” for most practitioners, Dr. Diecidue said.

The system provides an interface with Websystems2.com for newsletters and e-mail reminders, 4PatientCare.com for online appointments and the FramesData monthly CD.

Insurance e-claims can be filed through VisionWeb or Healthfusion.

EyeBase was certified for use in federal EHR incentive programs during 2012 by the Drummond Group, a U.S. Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology-authorized testing and certification body (ONC-ATCB).

For additional information, see the Mountain Computer System Web page at www.eyebase.net.

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