ABB Concise partners with Crystal Practice Management

January 28, 2012

ABB Concise announced its partnership with Crystal Practice Management to provide Crystal PM customers with the convenience of ordering their contact lenses from ABB Concise through their practice management system.

Crystal PM and ABB Concise are fully integrated, and customers can begin ordering from ABB Concise immediately. Lynda Baker, executive vice president of ABB Concise, said.

“It is exciting to partner with Crystal PM because we share the same goals to improve our customers’ efficiency and profitability while being mindful that our customers’ focus is on the patient experience,” Baker said.

The Crystal PM paperless software package is designed for optometric offices to improve office efficiency, profitability and the overall quality of patient care.

The electronic health records system features:

  • Customized Electronic Medical Records
  • Automatic Exam History
  • Integrated Vision Evaluation Letter
  • Patient and Staff Scheduling
  • Recurring Scheduling
  • Patient Billing

Electronic health records can significantly enhance practice efficiency. Integrating Crystal PM with ABB Concise’s world-class distribution centers will create greater contact lens ordering efficiencies and eliminate double entry for staff who currently divide their time between their Crystal PM system and the ABB Concise Web site.

Customers of Crystal PM are already experiencing the benefits of streamlining the management of their practice. Combining those benefits with ABB Concise’s products and services will only augment those efficiencies and help the companies’ mutual customers remain competitive.

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