EyeLearn™ quickly marks 5,000th logon

January 20, 2012

AOA-member optometrists logged onto EyeLearn™ – the association’s new, online continuing education portal – some 5,206 times to take courses or tests over the first six months the portal was active, according to a report from the AOA Clinical and Practice Advancement Group (AOA-CPAG).

“Online continuing education appears to be rapidly finding acceptance among practicing optometrists,” said AOA Trustee Christopher J. Quinn, O.D., who is overseeing development of the EyeLearn™ portal. “Moreover, practitioners appear to utilizing the full range of options available on the site, including interactive online courses, audio and video lectures, print materials and the CE Finder directory of classroom continuing education courses at state and regional optometric meetings.”

Glaucoma has so far proven the topic of greatest interest to EyeLearn™ users – accounting for almost two in every five (1,969) downloads, according to Dr. Quinn.

However, a five-minute “Rapid Fire” quiz on retinal conditions has also proven popular, with 438 downloads, Dr. Quinn noted. So has a Systemic Health Assessment Test, with 429 downloads.

Not surprisingly, board certification review courses represent the most popular content category, Dr. Quinn observed. EyeLearn™ was launched in May, just in time to assist optometrists who wished to review or update various areas of their professional education as they prepared for the first administration of the American Board of Optometry (ABO) certification examination.

However, non-certification-related materials apparently are also in demand, Dr. Quinn noted.

“EyeLearn™ is designed to provide a centralized learning resource with convenient, one-stop, online access to high-quality education, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in a personalized learning environment,” said Dr. Quinn.

As of this month, EyeLearn™ offers 29 hours of interactive courses, developed specifically for the portal by leading educators, with periodic “pop-up” quizzes for each section, as well as a final online assessment exam at the end.

Additional courses are constantly being added, Dr. Quinn said. The portal also features some 143 hours of videotaped Optometry’s Meeting® CE courses.

Many AOA members are using the site to quickly access Optometry: Journal of the American Optometric Association articles, Dr. Quinn noted. Interactive and video taped courses range in length from under 30 minutes to several hours. The AOA CPAG report finds the average EyeLearn™ user logs on for just about 30 minutes.

“This suggests optometrists are coming to understand the unique advantages of an online education service such as EyeLearn™; logging on when they have a few spare minutes in the office or at home to enhance their professional knowledge,” Dr. Quinn said.

EyeLearn™ is available exclusively as an AOA member benefit.

AOA members can access EyeLearn™ at www.aoa.org/eyelearn.

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