Codes for Optometry again offered as CD-ROM in 2012

January 19, 2012

Orders for the 2012 edition of Codes for Optometry – the AOA’s comprehensive coding and billing manual for optometric practices – are now being accepted by the AOA Order Department.

For the third year, Codes for Optometry is being made available in a searchable CD-ROM format.

Together with the American Medical Association (AMA) Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Standard Edition manual, the AOA’s Codes of Optometry 2012 provides all the information practitioners and billing staff needed to quickly select appropriate billing codes and accurately report services on insurance claims, according to the AOA Clinical and Practice Advancement Group.

Complete Coding for Optometry 2012 packages (Item ODE 13-ALL) with both the paper and new CD-ROM versions of Codes for Optometry 2011, as well as the CPT Standard Edition code book, are available through the AOA Order Department at the special AOA member price of $165.

Paper editions of Codes for Optometry 2012 and the CPT Standard Edition (Item ODE13) can be ordered as a set for $140. 

Copies of the Codes for Optometry 2012 book (Item ODE 13-1), the CPT Standard Edition book (Item CPT), or the Codes for Optometry 2011 CD (Item ODE13-CD) can also be ordered individually for $75 each.

Additional shipping charges and state or local taxes may apply. Contact the AOA Order Department online at www.aoa.org/onlinestore or by telephone at 800-262-2210.

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