AOA News turns 50

December 14, 2011

The AOA News celebrates its 50-year anniversary this month. The first issue of the News was published in December 1961 with four pages of advocacy, industry, and professional selections, and even strange tales of death aboard a sunken ship. While I’m happy to report we have no such tragic stories in this issue of the News, I am also happy the AOA News continues to provide members with the voice of the profession.

The top story in the first issue of the News speculated on the future of the publication. “Will it have the individual characteristics which make it stand out? Can it survive the illness which could come because of improper nourishment or lack of attention? What does the future hold?”

If anything, these past 50 years show the News does stand out. The News is consistently ranked among the top member benefits of the AOA. More and more attention is paid to getting the News to all members through whatever channel is most accessible to them. As always, the print version of the News is mailed to all members. An animated PDF version of the News is e-mailed to all members with addresses on file. The News blog offers daily updates on stories at newsfromaoa.org. And members can also “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @AOANews for the latest scoop.

The future promises ways to deliver the News faster to your doorstep, computer or smart phone.

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