Industry Profile: Luxottica

December 12, 2011

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Promoting the growth and overall health of the industry

Luxottica is deeply committed to supporting independent practitioners and optical retailers with investments to benefit the whole industry and those in need.

Creating real change

Luxottica, Essilor and VSP Global joined forces to create and execute the groundbreaking Think About Your Eyes campaign, a multimillion-dollar two-year public awareness initiative aimed at increasing consumer consciousness of the importance of vision health and regular eye exams. Using television and radio advertisements and social media channels, the campaign educates consumers on the vital role comprehensive eye exams play in the effort to monitor and maintain good overall health.

Making informed selections of brands and frames

Our sales consultants partner with doctors of optometry to remain in touch with patient demands and the needs of industry professionals, ensuring the most appropriate selection of frames for every practice. Luxottica’s portfolio of world-class brands offers superior quality and styles for every taste and budget. These elements are critical to patient satisfaction and compliance as well as the growth of every optometric practice.

Expanding learning initiatives

Education has always been an integral part of the Luxottica culture, and we continue to make great progress in the way in which we provide learning opportunities for the industry. The approach we take to sharing information is becoming more comprehensive and continuing to evolve as we take advantage of new and changing technologies.

Supporting optometry, now and in the future

For many years, Luxottica has granted funds to the AOA for the various programs, including the AOA Ophthalmic Council, AOA Summit meetings, local and regional events, and state programs, such as the AOA’s Healthy Eyes Healthy People® project. These programs, together with our grants to optometry schools, are just a few of our many investments in the future of optometry.

Giving back

OneSight, Luxottica Group’s charitable foundation, is dedicated to improving vision throughout the world. Since 1988, our global and regional clinics have provided free vision care and eyewear to more than 8 million people in need.
 It is our firm belief that by working together, we can achieve great success, industry growth and prosperity for all.

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