Shamir introduces ‘relaxing’ lens

December 2, 2011

Shamir focused on its latest product release, Shamir Relax™, at Vision Expo West at the end of September.

Utilizing its Sales App, attendees who stopped by Shamir’s booth were able to watch a short video on Shamir Relax™, which led them on an educational journey hosted by Shamir’s animated spokesman, Mr. Progresso. The video provided an overview of Shamir’s latest fatigue-relief lens design, Relax™, in a fun and unique way.

Shamir Relax™ is designed to ease the strain normally associated with prolonged accommodation.

Shamir Relax™ is a single-vision, fatigue-relief lens that relieves strain on the eye muscles and helps patients feel more energized and refreshed at the end of the day.

The benefits and facts of Shamir Relax™ include:

  • Fatigue-relief solution for single-vision patients
  • No distortion or swim
  • Reduces lens accommodations by 30 percent
  • 16mm fitting height
  • Suitable for non-prescription patients who experience visual fatigue

Vision Expo West attendees also had the option to view Shamir’s introductory video, “The Magical World of ReCreating Perfect Vision®,” which provides a look at Shamir’s semi-finished and Freeform® progressive designs as well as information about their proprietary technology utilized to design each of their products, EyePoint Technology®.

“We are always excited to introduce a new product in a unique way that allows the audience to get involved and have fun. We wanted attendees to gain the vital information about our latest product, but we also wanted them to enjoy themselves in the process. Our video and promotion was the perfect combination to educate our visitors on Shamir Relax™ and still have a fun and memorable experience at our booth,” said Matt Lytle, vice president of sales and marketing.

To view Shamir’s video online, visit www.youtube.com/shamirinsight.

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