Group forms optometric specialty lens institute

November 19, 2011

Contamac Ltd. is proud to announce the formation of the Contamac Specialty Lens Institute™ (CSLI), dedicated to serving students, residents, practitioners, patients and communities on a global basis in specialty contact lens education, clinical care, research and leadership.

The formation of the CSLI demonstrates Contamac’s continuing worldwide leadership position in the specialty lens area of optometric practice. The CSLI will be focused on the education and clinical practice of prescribing specialty contact lenses and will endeavor to become a vital educational resource for all of the schools and colleges of optometry, their students, the residents and faculty, and the entire global eye care community.

“The CSLI will work closely with all of the schools and colleges of optometry to expand their training in specialty contact lenses. Alongside expert specialty contact lens educators, practitioners and researchers, students will learn of prescribing options and new developments in the specialty contact lens field. The students will forge unique and supportive relationships that last throughout their professional life,” said Peg Achenbach, O.D., chief medical and academic strategist for Professional Services, Vision Care at Contamac.

The CSLI will initially be launched in the United States, followed closely by a United Kingdom launch. The CLSI hopes to collaborate with all of the schools and colleges of optometry around the world to provide specialty lens education through specific lectures, workshops, newsletters, scholarships, practitioner and research updates, and unique case histories. The CSLI will also introduce a residency club to help past and current contact lens residents stay connected with their peers, their educational institutions and the laboratories.

Advanced technical contact lens instruction will improve clinical skills especially when managing patients with corneal irregularities such as keratoconus, corneal trauma, congenital disorders, aphakia, presbyopia, irregular astigmatism, and the specialized requirements of sports vision and the pediatric population.

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