Shamir announces new coating availability

November 15, 2010

Shamir announced that Crizal® Coatings are approved for even more products. Previously available on Shamir semi-finished products, Crizal® is now available to order with all Autograph II® products.

This new availability supports Shamir’s commitment to continue to expand its product compatibility and provide more choices throughout 2010 and beyond.

Crizal® coatings are anti-reflective coatings that when applied to a lens surface prevent glare, smudges, scratches, dust and water.

Based on advanced technologies, Crizal® coatings are developed to counter these common vision problems. The coatings are designed to optimize each patient experience based on individual needs.

Crizal® coatings are now approved to order on all Autograph II® products.

“We continue to push toward ensuring that our products are compatible with a wide variety of coatings and widely available to ECPs who continue to demand them. Each coating provides the patient a different advantage, allowing eye care professionals to offer more choices, according to the patient’s needs,” said Raanan Naftalovich, chief executive officer. “Many of our partner labs currently using Crizal coatings can now enjoy this approved status and all the benefits that go along with it. This coating announcement expands upon our already existent coating partnerships with leading providers such as Hoya, Zeiss and iCoat,” Naftalovich added.

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